Tulipmania Art


Tulipmania Art is a fine art photography project born out of love and admiration for the tulip, the most coveted flower in human history, which enraptured people all over the world to the extent of causing a true frenzy. Our project is, in a certain sense, a reinvention of the Dutch Golden Age tulip mania, in a revamped and aesthetic version, focusing on the passion for the tulip beauty, but aimed at collecting and preserving it for the generations to come in all its multitude of facets.

Besides documenting all the existing tulip species and their varieties, our purpose is to throw an artistic eye upon tulips through the magical magnifying glass of the photographic lens. The creative idea animating the project is to look inside the tulip world by magnifying every flower to the size of the human stature and capture it in great detail from different angles, by rotating it to 360°, in order to give the viewer the possibility to admire the myriads of colourful worlds unfolding within.


Beauty is elusive by definition and engaging into the adventure of capturing it requires patience and time, but first and foremost passion. It is from our passion for tulips that the Tulipmania Art concept arose and it is with passion that our collection is being created.

Victoria Chitii

Victoria Chitii

Curator and PR manager

Responsible for the inspirational component of the project. Embracing a long-standing passion for tulips and driven by the idea of preserving and sharing the unique beauty of tulips – the core concept behind Tulipmania Art.

BACKGROUND: Master of Arts in Germanic Philology, specialising in creative translation. Languages: English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Romanian.

Andrey Nikolaev

Andrey Nikolaev

Creative director and photographer

The artistic eye behind the lens, that has captured in thousands of creative shots the over 100 varieties of tulips collected up to now in the Tulipmania Art project.

BACKGROUND: Bachelor of Arts, graduate of the “Grekov” Art Academy in Odessa, the most prestigious art academy in Ukraine. Formation in graphic and media design, specialising in photography, received in Munich, Germany. Professional photographer since 1998.