Tulipmania Art


Slender and vigorous. Plain and exotically extravagant. Delicate and soberly solemn. Monochromatic and bursting in flaming streaks of colour. Barely scented and sweetly fragrant. All invariably and undoubtedly fascinating. Tulips – our passion!

The Tulipmania Art photo project is aiming at capturing, collecting, sharing and celebrating the unique beauty of each and every tulip variety, by bringing into the limelight one by one all the representatives of the tulip genus. To the present we have managed to photograph in all detail over 100 tulip varieties and are constantly working on expanding our collection. The envisaged goal of the project is to cover all the tulip species and their varieties in an all-embracing fine art photo-catalogue, for preserving the presently existing representatives of the tulip world in all their splendour for the generations to come.

Below you will find a brief selection of the tulip varieties we have already captured for our collection, compiled in vignettes presenting the flowers from various angles, for giving the spectator an ample and accurate impression of every particular tulip. Every vignette can be magnified for savouring the tulips in a close-up mode, just select your favourite, click the magnifying glass and enjoy!