Tulipmania Art


A very special and cherished component of Tulipmania Art brings into the limelight the elegant beauty of the withering tulips. Inspired by the vanitas still lifes of the Old Masters of the Dutch Golden Age painting, it goes however beyond their idea of ephemerality, being intended not to remind of the transience of life, but to draw attention to the noble traits the age brings about.

By observing the tulips while gradually advancing in their ripe days, we managed to capture in thousands of shots that incredible, so often unnoticed, almost magnetic beauty of the fading tulips. That is why this series is by no means to be regarded as a mere documentation of one of the natural phases of the tulip life cycle, but as a glorifying hymn to the tulip’s upright and graceful ageing.

It was pure delight to capture the tulips advancing in their ripe days and it is a distinguished pleasure to share some of that in our “Noble wrinkles” gallery below.