360° Tulips

Admiring tulips from various angles

Although tulips are famous for the radial symmetry of their flowers, every plant is so multifaceted and unique that they all deserve a personal beauty shooting.

All the images in this gallery have been created by capturing every tulip from various angles, by rotating it to 360°, and then uniting the resulted pictures into a single photo-collage, in order to offer the viewers a holistic image of every individual flower as a representative of its variety.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, says an old proverb and there is always someone insisting that everything depends on the point of view. The “360° Tulips” gallery is meant to show its viewers all the possible “points” of view simultaneously and offers a chance to make peace on the matter of beauty once and for good, at least with regard to tulips.

“Everything you didn’t know about the tulip”


Did you know that tulips don’t have petals and can grow from seeds and not only from bulbs? Have you ever heard of the tulip formula, the tulip coin or one single tulip bulb serving as a bride’s dowry? Were you aware that the Peace tulip is actually dedicated to John Lennon and Yoko Ono? All these and many more other curious facts about the tulip will be revealed in all detail in our book.

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