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All you need to know for ordering our artworks

Transferring the creative idea into a tangible artistic product is a fundamental aspect for the fulfillment of any creative process.

The tailor-made design of our works opens the creative process for the participation of the customers, making them, in a certain sense, to co-authors of the individual pieces Tulipmania Art is creating for them.

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Calculate the price of your fine art print by simply choosing a frame for it and introducing its length and width into our online price calculator below. Free worldwide shipping for orders over 2000 Euro.

Length in cm
Width in cm

Slimline case

· extremely subtle frame depth for frameless effect
· aluminium frame in gold, black and white finish


Aluminium artbox

· four various depts for sculpture effect
· glazed aluminium frame with silver or black finish

Floater frame

· gap between picture and frame for floating effect
· solid wood frame in black, white or natural wood colour

Technical characteristics

We are putting great care and effort into the production of our fine art prints, starting from the design of our pieces and ending with the delivery of the manufactured works to their owners. Our gallery-quality photo prints, printed on high-end photo paper and mounted on professional frame profiles are available in various shapes and formats and can be tailor-made, for offering our customers the exclusive experience of owning unique pieces.


· Rectangular – up to 290 x 180 cm
· Square – up to 180 x 180 cm
· Round – ⌀ up to 180 cm
· Hexagon, octagon, dodecagon – up to 100 x 100 cm

Gallery-quality print

· Crystal clear acrylic glass with a glossy or matte finish
· Permanently elastic silicone sealing layer
· Sturdy aluminum Dibond backing
· Professional size-adaptable hanging system


· Fuji Crystal DP II Archive Photo Paper, 75-year non-fade colour guarantee
· 5 years guarantee for all the Tulipmania Art pieces

Ratio calculator

Very often the format is the decisive element for conferring a work its internal equilibrium and ensuring its expressivity, that is why altering the original proportions might result in destroying the harmony of the piece.

To avoid the necessity of altering the format, use our ratio calculator, that will help you easily transfer the proportions of a format you like to the sizes of your display space.

Simply introduce the width and length of the original format and either the length or the width you would like to adapt the format to. The ratio calculator will immediately determine the exact sizes which will correspond to the original format.

Original width Original length
cm cm
Necessary width Necessary length
cm cm
Fine art prints