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A collection of remarkable facts about tulips

The most praised Turkish tulips, unlike the tulips sought after by the Dutch during tulip mania, had elongated and pointed, almost dagger-shaped petals.

It is curious how the standards by which a flower’s beauty is appreciated may differ across time, countries and cultures. 

We all remember the majestic Semper Augustus, which fascinated the Dutch with its striking flames and streaks during the tulip mania times. The mesmerising broken tulips were the embodiment of perfection during the Dutch Golden Age.

The Turkish tulips, on the other hand, were praised for absolutely other aspects of their looks. The perfect Ottoman tulip had to have a long stem and an elegant, almond-shaped flower, with thin pointed petals, resembling the shape of a dagger, ending in long almost needle-thin tips – a quasi surreal, fascinating flower.

Which one would you prefer among these two stunning beauties?

Semper Augustus tulip – Wikimedia Commons
Istanbul tulip – www.imagineeringhorticulture.com

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“Everything you didn’t know about the tulip”


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