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A collection of remarkable facts about tulips

A folk tale from Devon tells that fairies lulled their babies at night in the cups of tulip flowers

The story has it, that there was once an old lady who planted an amazing flower garden and her tulips were so beautiful, that the fairies chose their flower cups as cradles for their tiny babies. They say the fairies were so grateful to the old lady for her amazing tulips, that they presented the blooms with bright colours and a delicate fragrance. Sadly, after the old lady passed away, the beautiful garden was destroyed by the new harsh owner and, to revenge themselves on him, the fairies took away the smell of the tulips.

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“Everything you didn’t know about the tulip”


Did you know that tulips don’t have petals and can grow from seeds and not only from bulbs? Have you ever heard of the tulip formula, the tulip coin or one single tulip bulb serving as a bride’s dowry? Were you aware that the Peace tulip is actually dedicated to John Lennon and Yoko Ono? All these and many more other curious facts about the tulip will be revealed in all detail in our book.

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