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A collection of remarkable facts about tulips

In the Victorian Times hundreds of Tulip Societies were established all over Britain, one of them, the Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society is still thriving nowadays

Great Britain has its particular love story with the tulip. The bulbs reached England in 1577 and ever since the tulip was extensively grown. Many new varieties of tulips were bread, which bear collectively the name of English Florist’s Tulips. The popularity of tulips reached its peak at the beginning of the 19th century, when many growers came together establishing hundreds of tulip societies across the country. They were holding annual flower shows, where prizes were awarded for the most beautiful tulips. Participation at the shows recorded incredible numbers, for example during the Great Northern Tulip Show held in 1849 in York, over 2000 tulips were entered and it took the judges 6 and a half hours to examine all the flowers and decide upon the winning ones.

Sadly, after World War I the number of tulip societies decreased dramatically and with the closure of the Royal National Tulip Society in 1936, there remained one last tulip society in Great Britain, which is the Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society, established in 1836 and still active nowadays, holding beautiful yearly flower shows of English florist’s tulips. In May 2020 the Society had to hold its 185th flower show, but it was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid-19 prevention measures. Let us hope that the spring of 2021 will be more generous and the 185th show will take place delighting the jury and the viewers with amazing tulip blooms!

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“Everything you didn’t know about the tulip”


Did you know that tulips don’t have petals and can grow from seeds and not only from bulbs? Have you ever heard of the tulip formula, the tulip coin or one single tulip bulb serving as a bride’s dowry? Were you aware that the Peace tulip is actually dedicated to John Lennon and Yoko Ono? All these and many more other curious facts about the tulip will be revealed in all detail in our book.

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