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A stylised tulip, enciphering the word “Allah”, represents the national emblem of Iran and is featured on the Iranian flag

Originating from Persia and being called “laleh” – “Flower of God” in Persian, in spite of its expatriation and naturalisation across the world, the tulip remained faithful to its homeland, colouring its valleys for centuries, year after year, with its red blooming carpets. Deeply rooted into the local mythology and culture as a symbol of god, love and martyrdom, its symbolism remains even in modern times key to its motherland, nowadays the Republic of Iran, to the extent, where a stylised image of the tulip representing the word “Allah” has been adopted in 1979 as the national emblem of the country and is featured on the Iranian flag.

Flag of the Republic of Iran. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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“Everything you didn’t know about the tulip”


Did you know that tulips don’t have petals and can grow from seeds and not only from bulbs? Have you ever heard of the tulip formula, the tulip coin or one single tulip bulb serving as a bride’s dowry? Were you aware that the Peace tulip is actually dedicated to John Lennon and Yoko Ono? All these and many more other curious facts about the tulip will be revealed in all detail in our book.

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